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le application de moi

[name]Hannah Spanglerrrr (sometimes its slurred)

[any nick names?]More than is normal. Here are four common: Hannahlore, Nan, Spanky, Daisy

[have any problems with the IRS?]Hasn't everyone?

[do you have a job or are you some kind of bum? if so, where do you and your fellow bums hang out? or, where do you work?]Well, i'm definitely a bum. But i currently have a job as an intern for a lobbying firm in DC. However, when I'm bumming (which is often) I frequent the local Bucks of Star and the attatching Barnes and Noble.

[have you ever stalked a goose in your previous life?]In my previous life? I should hope so. But if I haven't, I've made up for it in this one.

[age]six plus ten

[top 5 bands you like] oi. only five. okay. and that i like? okay. 1.Led Zeppelin 2. John Mayer(not a band, shhh) 3. David Bowie (also not aband) 4. Third Day 5. Death Cab For Cutie

[top 5 movies you enjoy] only five again. jeez. 1.Princess Bride 2. Labyrinth 3.What's Up, Doc? 4. Ladyhawke/Big Fish (i know, i can't decide!) 5. Peter Pan 2003 (i'm such a little girl)

[sex]femina (that's latin)

[why should you be accepted?] Because of my dazzling wit and charm. Surely I jest ("I never jest and don't call me Shirely!"). Um.. I'm random, I like staplers (I have four.. I don't know how it happened). And my favorite is the mini purple one as pictured.

[give us some pictures of youserlf so we know who we're dealing with (at least 3)] Boring me:

Me and my Daddy
Me and my girlie friends. I'm on the far left, then Jess, and then Beks in the blue.

[now a random picture of anything you would like] This is a picture from last summer at the boat house where I do summer season for Crew. Good times.

[tell a friend or two. and tell us where the link is.... so we have proof you, liar] you're in my LJ. That's atleast two people that know about you now!

Thanks for this. Even if I don't get in. It has been humorous.
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