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[name] Jen

[any nick names?] No

[have any problems with the IRS?] Can't squeeze blood from a stone. They'd like my money, but I have none.

[do you have a job or are you some kind of bum? if so, where do you and your fellow bums hang out? or, where do you work?] I am some kind of bum, thought not just ANY kind of bum. I frequent garage sales, used book stores and the Red Line.

[have you ever stalked a goose in your previous life?] I'm not allowed to discuss it.

[age] 31

[top 5 bands you like]

  1. Indigo Girls
  2. Sting
  3. Alison Krauss and Union Station
  4. Coldplay
  5. Hilary Hahn (not a band, classical violinist)

[top 5 movies you enjoy]

  1. Shallow Grave
  2. Bring It On
  3. Life as a House
  4. Sliding Doors
  5. I'm not much for films. Four works well for me.

[sex]  -One word question with many possible interpretations.

[why should you be accepted?] Why not?

[give us some pictures of youserlf so we know who we're dealing with (at least 3)] There are none.

[now a random picture of anything you would like] Images I fancy may be found here:

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ill say yes.
at first i was going to say no, because no pictures and thats kind of part of the application, and of your age, but what the heck, i'll say yes pictures..seems kinda strange for a 31 year old to join something like this. but hey whatever floats your boat! and i LOVE sliding doors. so hm. im undecided.