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The Fellowship of the Stapler

dance, dance, dance!

standard staple 4000
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your friendly moderators, mufus and kippy

Alright, here is the deal kiddos:
this is basically a community for something to do. you're accepted if people like you, not just based on looks, but on the idea of what kind of person we think you are. you can bring up any topic you'd like after you are accepted. so enjoy!
basic rules

1. Be respectful of what other members have to say. please do not stalk them and kill them. please, thats just not nice.
2. if you get into an argument. there will be a picture showdown. whoever finds the most random pictures, that are good. wins.
3. get your friends to join. it'll be like a party.
4. If you promote a community in dancin_staplers, you must promote us to that same community.
p.s. please don't be serious all the time. take a joke or two

okay now the application rules

1. If you're not accepted, please do not re-apply unless asked to do so.
2. blah blah blah blah... blah
3. lj- cuts please



[any nick names?]

[have any problems with the IRS?]

[do you have a job or are you some kind of bum? if so, where do you and your fellow bums hang out? or, where do you work?]

[have you ever stalked a goose in your previous life?]


[top 5 bands you like]

[top 5 movies you enjoy]


[why should you be accepted?]

[give us some pictures of youserlf so we know who we're dealing with (at least 3)]

[now a random picture of anything you would like]

[tell a friend or two. and tell us where the link is.... so we have proof you, liar]