Kelly Marie (sintheticdreams) wrote in dancin_staplers,
Kelly Marie

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[name] Kelly

[any nick names?]Smurfy, Pimp, Tree, and Stimpy

[have any problems with the IRS?]Who doesn't?

[do you have a job or are you some kind of bum? if so, where do you and your fellow bums hang out? or, where do you work?]I'm lazy, therefore a bum. All us bums love to hang out at the town square downtown.

[have you ever stalked a goose in your previous life?]Well if I haven't done so in a previous life, I've already made up for it in this life...


[top 5 bands you like]Marilyn Manson, Jack Off Jill, Nine Inch Nails, Scarling., and System of a Down.

[top 5 movies you enjoy]Detroit Rock City, Freddy Got Fingered, Girl Interupted, The Breakfast Club, and 10 Things I Hate About You.


[why should you be accepted?]Because I'm totally cool and a useful substance around the house?

[give us some pictures of youserlf so we know who we're dealing with (at least 3)]

[now a random picture of anything you would like]


[tell a friend or two. and tell us where the link is.... so we have proof you, liar]

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